"Don't be afraid of the dark"

Welcome to my website.............. There is nothing to fear from the Dead, it's the Living you have to worry about!!!!

Hello, Welcome to my web site.

Paranormal Historical Research

I have been in countless cemeteries and historical sites over the years. I LOVE CEMETERIES!!!! Creepy huh?

Going into a cemetery during the day is no problem but some people will not do that. For me going into a cemetery at night is no big deal, does not bother me in the least. Being in a cemetery out in the country in pitch dark is scary but not for me, I love it!!!!!

My first so called ghost hunt was in 1981 with my borther in Waco in a cemetery at a State Park. We had a lantern and a 110 camera. My brother thought he saw a shadow move from one tombstone to another. Nothing turned out in the pictures except maybe one where you can almost see a face in the stone? It was a creepy fun time.

I have been in 40+ Paranormal searches. Got some interesting material, still looking for the truth.




Most of these cemeteries I recorded in 1984 and 1986. I covered most of eastern, southern and central Harris County,Texas. I'm am now going back and redoing old listings
Being a native born Houstonian, I have seen countless cemeteries disappear over the years.
By listing those cemeteries that are no longer in use or lost forever I can save a little part of Harris County history.

Cemeteries are wonderful places so full of history and art. Some are sad too...... So many need to be saved!!!!




I have always been interested in the paranormal since the first time I set foot in an old cemetery.

Paranormal research since 2001.

Have recorded over 200 cemeteries and been in many more.

Check my website out and remember don't be afraid of the dark................




A Little Something About Orbs.

09/14/2011 17:22

A Few Words About Orbs by NEPRS

A few words about Orbs by NEPRS There is no doubt that some orbs are connected to hauntings. Just as there is no doubt that some orbs are not. To understand orbs and thus be able to judge which orbs are which, we must take a look at the history of orbs in photography. It is believed...

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